Antique carpets and kilims from Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbeidjan

Through direct import from local merchants, we can offer you very competitive prices


If you are looking for fine antique carpets at affordable prices, come and visit us to have a look at our vast collection of turkish, armenian, georgian, azeiri carpets and kilims.

You will find our shop in the center of Aalst.

Opening hours

wednesday, thursday and friday : 14 - 18 h
saturday : 14 - 18 h
or make an appointment...

Gerrit travels since more than 30 years to Turkey and other countries to buy for you the nicest carpets at a good price.

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Our address :

Gerrit De Mol - Carpets
Pontstraat 70
B-9300 Aalst, Belgium

Fax and phone: (32) (0)484 102 128
Phone : (32) (0)53 420 002